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I compare this experience to my brief stay at the Eldorado Hotel/ Casino in Reno, where I was a registered guest for one night. The pit boss introduced herself, made polite casual conversation, asked me if I wished to be rated, and issued me an identification card within ten minutes. The dealers were friendly and supportive, and my family and I were comped for dinner that night and breakfast the following morning in spite of the fact that I won. (Note-I never identify myself as a writer of casino gaming websites). I've had similar positive experiences at Foxwoods, the Biloxi casinos, Harvey's in Lake Tahoe, Harvey's in Central City, Colorado, many of the Vegas strip hotel/ casinos, and The Sands and Showboat in Atlantic City.

If I'm going to be in a "casino-intensive" area for several days, I play where the rules are most advantageous, but I stay at hotels where the accommodations are excellent and the staff is accommodating.

I do much of my gambling at home in Florida aboard casino ships that depart from the Fort Lauderdale area, and have found several of these vessels to be good bets for knowledgeable players, since online blackjack games rules are very similar to Vegas strip rules. On the other hand, I'm not crazy about the Bahamas or three- to seven-day cruise ships.

In general, it doesn't take long to decide if you like how you are being treated while gambling in a casino. If you are not happy, quit playing and-in a polite and constructive way-immediately let the management know how you feel. If they argue with you or don't respond to your complaint, play elsewhere!

When I die and if I am reincarnated, I wish to be reborn as a professional casino gambler with a $10 million bankroll. I'd make my permanent home near Lake Tahoe, and drive my luxury motor home to Reno, Laughlin, or Vegas whenever I needed a change of scenery. In the winter I'd visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and in the summer I'd practice my skills at the Atlantic City casinos, with an occasional visit to Foxwoods just to see how much larger it had grown. Once every two or three years, I'd make a tour of the country and revisit some of my favorite riverboats and Indian casinos in some twenty other states.

In the meantime, I'll keep my daytime job, work until I save a few extra bucks, and still visit my favorite gaming locations from time to time. I don't have to be a millionaire to spend a few weeks each year, pursuing my hobby, and neither do you!

One last bit of wisdom: Although I have my preferences as to where I like to gamble, there's no such thing as a bad casino-some are just better than others!

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The truth is that a player 2c/vo doesn't know basic strategy is incapable of cornprehending and properly using the bulk of information that opponents provide through their tells. Even- time an opponent checks, calls, bets, raises, or even folds, he is communicating-often truthfully-in the common language of poker.
Players who don't understand basic strategy are illiterate in that language, and while they are busy trying to psychoanalyze their opponents (or just guessing), they will miss information that is as plain as the written word to an experienced player. In this sense, the most important reads you get on your opponents arise from the actions that they take, and you must understand the fundauientals of poker in order to know what those actions mean.
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