Once a major tourist destination that was world famous for its steel pier and boardwalk attractions, New Jersey's Atlantic City gradually fell into decline. Casino gambling was seen as its salvation when voters approved it there in 1976.

The first casino, Resorts International, opened to "standing room only" crowds in 1978. Since then eleven more casinos have opened and all but two are located along the boardwalk. The other two, Harrah's and Trump's Castle, are located in the marina section. A twelfth casino, Trump's World's Fair Casino, is an extension of Trump Plaza and opened in early 1996. Atlantic City was the northeast's only area for casino gambling until the Foxwoods Casino opened in Ledyard, Connecticut, in 1992.

There has been a resurgence of interest among casino operators in Atlantic City and it is estimated that the number of hotel rooms will triple over the next few years.

All Atlantic City casinos offer a full variety of table games and machines. The minimum gambling age is twenty-one.

For more information on visiting New Jersey call 800-537-7397, and for visiting Atlantic City call 800-262-7395.

The Character of the Game
The terms "loose," "tight," "passive," and "aggressive" can be used to describe not only individual players but an entire game. The phenomena I describe below are more apparent and relevant in serious casino games, but you will see some of these factors at work in a real home game too.
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