There are eleven Indian casinos in New Mexico that signed compacts with Governor Gary Johnson in February 1995. Later that year, however, New Mexico's supreme court overturned the compact agreements because they weren't first approved by the state legislature. Ever since that ruling the state's attorney general has been trying to shut down all Indian casinos, but as of September 1996 the issue remained unresolved and the casinos were still operating.

There are two casinos in Albuquerque: Isleta Gaming Palace (800-460-5686) and Sandia Casino (800-526-9366). Santa Fe also has two casinos: Camel Rock (800-GO-CAMEL) and Cities of Gold (800-455-3133).

All New Mexico casinos offer a full variety of table games and machines, and the minimum gambling age is eighteen (twenty-one if liquor is served).

For more information on visiting New Mexico call 800-733-6396.

Your Table Image, and How to Use It
It is absolutely essential to realize that your table image is not based entirely on how you play, but more precisely, on how your opponents see you playing. The human mind works by grouping things into categories, and your opponents have a cognitive need to place you in one. They can't help forming an image about you, and this image is necessarily based only on what they see-not on what they don't see.
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