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New Technologies

With trust the biggest problem in online commerce, many little bees are busily working on remedies. Quixotic Systems <www.quixotic-solutions. com> claims it is going to be the Netscape of online accounting with its patented Honest Network Gaming technology. Their system is to install software on both the player and the e-casino's computers and when it comes time to spin the wheel or deal the cards, both player and e-casino computers will provide an encrypted portion of the mathematical formula that generates a random outcome. It will not work without both pieces, and together they will provide a result that neither side can manipulate. Quixotic pitches the product to e-casinos as "the enabling technology to allow this market to grow." Having a third party ensure fair results is not a bad idea, although randomness has not been the big problem with cyber-casinos; rather it's the humans that sign the checks. Expect more bells and whistles like this as the gambling houses try to break through consumer suspicions.

Where Winnings Come From
Don't entertain any illusions that you will be able to consistently beat your home poker opponents without thinking at this level. In a real poker environment, beginners will start putting together basic strategy very quickly, bringing your game close to the hypothetical one above in which no one throws away their chips by making any fundamental mistakes. Games like this can appear to reward luck much more than skill, as players' similar proficiencies cancel each other out and the winners for the night are the people ,\]lo get dealt the best cards at the best times. In such games, using basic strategy to play the odds and bet the value of your hands isn't good enough to guarantee results; you have to concentrate and try to pick up more information than your opponents do.
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