Governor Cuomo signed a compact with the Oneida tribe in April 1993 that allows them to offer virtually all forms of table games. Slot machines, video games, off-track betting, online poker games, and lottery games are not permitted. Later that same year the governor also signed a compact with the St. Regis Mohawk tribe which allowed the same games. The Oneida tribe's Turning Stone Casino (800-771-77ll) opened July 20, 1993, on their reservation in Verona, which is about twenty miles east of Syracuse. The Mohawk tribe has yet to announce its plans for builing a casino.

The minimum gambling age at Turning Stone is eighteen.

New York City has gambling ships that cruise out to sea. Manhattan Cruises (888-611-CRUISE) offers daily trips from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn.

For more information on visiting New York call 800-225-5697.

Where Winnings Come From
By themselves, unseen cards dealt fairly are purely random. But the moment an opponent checks, bets, ~ calls, or raises with the cards in his hand, those cards become nonrandom, and, thus, valid targets for your intellect. By observing your opponents' actions, you can arrive at assessments of their holdings that are superior to assessing those holdings as completely random cards. And with that knowledge, combined with your knowledge of that player's style and inclinations, you can make solid guesses about the actions that player will take. If you are able to use these information yielding tools more effectively than your opponents are-and are able to frustrate their use of those tools against you-your basic strategy decisions will be based on more information than those of your opponents, and your play will be superior to theirs. Among players who have mastered basic strategy, this is where winners and losers are made.
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