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The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians opened a casino in early 1995 on their reservation in Cherokee, which is located in the western part of the state, about fifty-five miles from Ashville. The casino opened in their bingo hall, but they then signed a management agreement with Harrah's to develop their gaming operations. A new, $95 million, 60,000-square-foot casino opened in late 1997. The tribal casino has no table games, and offers only three forms of video games: online poker games, craps, and online blackjack games. The minimum gambling age is eighteen.

For more information on visiting North Carolina call 800-847-4862.

Categories of Poker Hands, and How to Play Them
These categories are conceptually valid throughout a hand, although the hand must progress to a certain degree for some of these categories to be meaningful. For example, no one actually has a "draw" before the flop in Texas Hold'em. This gives rise to some specialized approaches for starting hands, and I will cover those in detail later in this chapter. As you will see, however, those starting strategies are consistent with the categories in table 8.1 in that you should usually play a starting hand according to what category it is most likely to develop into.
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