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Offend The Industry

The US legal scene remains unsettled, but one thing is clear: some form of Internet gambling will always be available. Prohibition might keep American banks from processing gambling credit card charges, but not ones overseas. Large credit warehouses have developed around the world processing transactions for myriad different businesses, of which gambling is just one. Blocking that without hurting the other business is difficult. The task will become hopeless as electronic currency gets established. Even harder would be prohibition of the millions of bettors themselves, which is why the US Justice Department encouraged Senator Kyl to remove the "unenforceable" penalties for bettors.

Prohibition may not stop the betting, but it could still succeed in keeping major US brand names like Caesars and the Sands out of the living room. Personally, I don't care. This would help keep gambling what it should be - dark, smoky, and romantically disreputable. Heaven help us if wagering becomes as regular as watching TV. Keeping that clear distinction between innocent pastimes and the taking of major risks is part of what helps keep casual gamblers casual. Besides, the Caesarses of the industry may not have to offer huge bonuses to get customers.

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