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Online Counting Programs

There are a couple of consumer programs on the market that are designed for counting online. You enter the cards seen, they say how to play and what to bet. The biggest problem We have with this kind of software is that people might be tempted to play online blackjack games with it. As you should know by now, counting is the easy part. Much more difficult are games evaluation, calculation of expected value, betting discipline, and not barfing up the entire bankroll on the variance roller coaster. People without the patience to learn even the counting should not engage in this high risk activity. The sellers of these programs forget to mention that the programs are useless at most e-casinos because they shuffle after every round.

Online Counting Programs
In a tournament, players don't purchase chips that have a monetary value as they do in live games. Instead, every player pays a buy-in fee, and each starts the tournament at the same time with the same arbitrary number of chips. These chips aren't worth anything outside the tournament, and they can't be bought or sold by players. They serve the same purpose as Monopoly money: a medium by which the game is played. In Monopoly, you roll dice and trade properties in order to get everyone's money. In a poker tournament, you play poker in order to get. everyone's chips.
Players are nudged into competition by blinds, antes, and limits (in limit tournaments) that increase as the tournament progresses. Players are eliminated from the tournament when they finally lose all their chips, and they place in the reverse order in which they are eliminated. Thus the player who finishes with all the chips takes first place, the player who lost to him is second, and so forth. The place finishers get to divide up the money that all the players paid to enter the tournament.
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