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At OGAM licensee <www.pairofdice.com> surrender is of-fered, if the dealer has an ace up, the surrender button vanishes when the insurance query comes up, so there is no surrender against an ace. Even when launched from disk, the program takes over an open browser instead of launching a new one, so good-bye to ally other website you wanted left open. These are little things, but this is a late version of the software. It's been on the market for several years.

The big plus of this turnkey provider is that it uses a third-party random number generator, so nobody can mess with it. g They clashed with Tradewinds when that former licensee refused to pay a $90,000 player debt, and shut World Wide Sports down for burning custom-ers. That says a lot. CEO Richard Iamuno says "that was back in the early days, 1996, 1997, when we were willing to work with any-body." Iamuno says some of the smaller operators had "the mis-understanding that no one would ever win. They didn't put money away for a rainy day." He says that now their business plan is to work with established land-based casinos that already have a large following that could be moved onto the Internet. Play in confi-dence as you scratch your head at the software. One tip: you can skip wading through several screens when you log on by always exiting mid-wager. If there is an unsettled hand outstanding, it'll take you right back to the games and hand you were on.

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When you log on, it displays your balance and asks you to click Agree or Disagree. It is also common to be reprimanded that your last session timed out due to inactivity, or that you are still logged in from another session. It then asks if you want to end that session and start another. (online blackjack games layout above.)

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Home Poker Tournaments
Serious competitive poker has been the object of much publicity over the last few years. Working-class card players spend most of their time playing live games, which is what we've discussed in this book up until now. But the poker that has featured most prominently in media is high-stakes tournament poker. The reason is that poker tournaments seem to be made for television: every one is a story, complete with a cast of characters, a plot, and a climax. With some thoughtful editing and intelligent commentary, they can attract millions of cable viewers on weekday nights. Those same qualities can also attract a lot of players to your house on weekend nights.
The best feature of tournaments is that they give you a way to experience the rush of no-limit poker without risking any more than a normal buy-in. At a tournament, you put yourself in a situation where it's all or nothing-either you win and take home a hefty prize or you leave your buy-in behind. Players in tournaments are often faced with "life-or-death" decisions, where the turn of a single card can decide not only a pot but their fate for the whole tournament. You won't get this kind of fun in any other poker game or anywhere else in a casino, in my opinion.
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