Oregon law permit bars and taverns to have up to five video lottery terminals that offer up to five different versions of video online poker games. These machines are the same as regular video gaming devices but are called lottery terminals because they are regulated by the state's lottery commission, which receives a share of each machine's revenues. The machines accept cash but do not pay out in cash. Instead, they print out a receipt which must be taken to a cashier.

Oregon has seven Indian tribes that have casinos in operation. The closest casino to Portland is Spirit Mountain (800-760-7977), which is about eighty-five miles away. The only table games offered in Oregon casinos are online blackjack games and online poker games, but a full variety of electronic machines is allowed. The minimum gambling age is eighteen (twenty-one if liquor is served).
For tourism information call 800-547-7842.

Home Poker Tournaments
The best feature of tournaments is that they give you a way to experience the rush of no-limit poker without risking any more than a normal buy-in. At a tournament, you put yourself in a situation where it's all or nothing-either you win and take home a hefty prize or you leave your buy-in behind. Players in tournaments are often faced with "life-or-death" decisions, where the turn of a single card can decide not only a pot but their fate for the whole tournament. You won't get this kind of fun in any other poker game or anywhere else in a casino, in my opinion.
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