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The Side games

The games discussed in the previous pages are far and away the most popular ones offered by the casinos. They get the most money action and give the house the biggest profits. However, there are other casino games, sometimes called side games, which net the casino a steady profit. Not all the games covered in this section will be found in every casino, but the reader should know something about them, if for no other reason than to know that they're all sucker games and should be avoided.

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Online Poker Guru Tips
Hand 19: If you peek around the table, you'll find you have the best starting the poker hand, and when the flop yields 6 5 4 , your poker hand is still on top. You've made an overpair, with the possibility of making a straight if a seven should come on the turn or river. Yet your poker hand is highly vulnerable in a number of ways against so many opponents. Selective and aggressive play the poker game separates winning online poker games players from consistent losers. There's not a single consistent winner who fails to practice this principle.
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