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Pete Punters Probable Results

It can be difficult to maintain the mathematical perspective when long-run data and short-run experience teach such different things. The belief that streaks are a real phenomenon which can guide play is one of the most difficult perceptions to uproot. Patterns certainly occur, but only in retrospect; they say nothing about what will happen next. The intuitive sense that patterns continue contributes to a variety of damaging habits. Fortunately, probability theory offers indoctrination to counter this, which is the subject of the next section.

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Home Poker Tournaments
Serious competitive poker has been the object of much publicity over the last few years. Working-class card players spend most of their time playing live games, which is what we've discussed in this book up until now. But the poker that has featured most prominently in media is high-stakes tournament poker. The reason is that poker tournaments seem to be made for television: every one is a story, complete with a cast of characters, a plot, and a climax. With some thoughtful editing and intelligent commentary, they can attract millions of cable viewers on weekday nights. Those same qualities can also attract a lot of players to your house on weekend nights.
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