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Pit Bosses

I've spoken to a lot of gamblers who talk about enco with pit bosses. These players imagine that everyone in the pit, the area behind the tables, watching the action, is a pit boss. But that's not so. They are floormen, who work under the pit boss.

A pit may consist of six craps tables or nine online blackjack games tables placed in an oval arrangement so that the men inside that area can supervise the action easily. Some casinos have one pit for each games, while the giant houses may have several online blackjack games pits spread all over the casino.
Other casinos may mix up a pit, placing craps tables and online blackjack games tables together, but the casinos that do this have foolish men in charge, for each games requires its own expertise and it's nearly impossible to properly supervise a craps games and a online blackjack gamess at the same time. The action is very different, the players are different, and, therefore, the supervision must be different.

In each pit, there is one pit boss for every shift. He works under the supervision of the shift boss, and each pit boss is responsible for the action, cash flow, and bankroll in that pit alone. The legendary Vegas pit boss is a hardened man with underworld connections, for the name "pit boss" invariably conjures up that image, but the pit bosses I've met are often high school graduates who've moved up the long hard way.

Many, now that the corporations are in full control, are college educated. Their main qualifications, though I may be getting a little rough here, is to look suspicious and jaded.

Pit bosses perform an important function in the casino because they are the highest of the executives with a specific area to control, and if that area is losing money or something is wrong in the pit, the trouble can be pinpointed and the blame laid on a specific individual's shoulders.

Heads-Up or Multi-Way
Basically, the main strategic question that you face is whether your hand is more profitable heads-up or multi-way:
Starting hands that are strong because they contain pairs or high-ranking cards are usually best heads-up, because they are likely to develop into medium-strength hands such as high pairs, two pair, or trips. The basic strategy for these hands is to raise if it will force out opponents. Some of these hands are strong enough to bet for value, but raising is still the action you would take.

Playable starting hands that contain middle-to-low sequences or suited cards are usually best multi-way, because if the hand turns into anything, it is likely to be a draw to a strong hand like a straight or flush. In those cases, you want lots of players in the hand to contribute to the pot if you hit your draw, so the basic strategy is to check and call to see more cards as cheaply as possible.
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