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Playing On Credit

You cannot play bonuses on credit. The interest would rip right through the edge you have over the e-casinos. You must have the funds to pay off the credit card in full each month. You cannot depend on paying off the plastic by cashing in your casino deposits before the credit card bill. For one thing, the cash might not be there; even with a 20 percent edge, the better part of a deposit can be lost once in a while. The cash is also slow to get credited back to you - almost all e-casinos are pokey with the paperwork - they want the float, and for you to play some more. A one-for-one reserve is prudent. If $1,000 is put to work getting deposit bonuses, another grand is needed to pay off Visa.

The Objectives of Starting Hand Strategy are
(1) to fold hands that give you negative expectations and,
(2) to maximize the positive expectations of hands that you decide to play. These dynamics give rise to some specialized approaches to playing starting hands that are enhancements of the general categories I described above.
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