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Poaching Deposit Bonuses

The routine for cashing out vanes, but typically they will credit your credit card for only the amount of the original buy-in, with any excess mailed as a check. Cryptologic's franchises will not pay anything until you receive a special pin number by snail mail. Be prepared for some suspense until you actually get your money. There are a few sites with very restrictive contracts with the credit card processors.

Refunds can be made only for the exact amount of the original purchase, so if the closing balance is below that because of a loss, they have to send a check. It is also common for them to ask you to fax copies of your identification. Bear with it. Important: never empty an account until the bonus has shown up. The purpose of premiums is to give the house a shot at a larger deposit, and if the player's money is gone, there is less reason to cough up the prize.

This also goes for when there are problems with the casino, such as incorrect figures, bonuses that were half what they should be, and so on. When a problem arises that takes some dickering, stop playing, but leave the money in the account. You are dangling bait in front of the house - if they treat you right, you'll go back to losing money. If the deposit is gone, then you are just another complainer who isn't coming back anyway so there is no reason to pay.

Starting Strategy
The most important decision in any fixed-limit poker game is how to play your starting hand. Your rationale for making that first decision to fold, cal), or raise (blinds or bring-in bets prevent checking) Is a crucial aspect of your overall strategy-not only for mathematical reasons, but because it conveys a first impression of your strength to your opponents for the rest of the hand. Sound starting strategies will set you up for success, while poor starting strategies Will undermine every other one of your poker skills.
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