Reviews on this site consist of points that casinos have checked off on questionnaires, with no indication the reviewer has had any experience with them. Software is not listed.

This site features a superb article on how to choose a reliable casino; it's a dairy trade journal! Many portal magazines try to build a reputation for player advocacy, but the real test is whether they maintain a blacklist and have bulletin boards that allow can-did badmouthing. None of that is evident here. This site may be an advocate for players, but it is not by players. They do appear, how-ever, to be savvy about staying away from the seedier operators in the business. Their lead article emphasizes the importance of the software brand, though their directory almost never includes this. It acknowledges that the descriptions of e-casinos are provided by the advertisers themselves. One of its top 50 is Grand Dominican (see Beef list).

This is a small portal with a few extras, but it has a separate cat-egory for e-casinos offering cash bounties.

This site contains some articles of interest and a long, inclu-sive list of e-casinos. They request that viewers inform them of any unlisted establishments. There is no apparent effort to screen entries on the list; First Live is on there

This is a familiar mix of a few articles with lots of banner ads. It includes a link to First Live in its search database. There is no blacklist or identification of advertisers' software.

Pair Hand
The term "pair" applies very loosely here. It refers to hands that have some strength by virtue of matched ranks-in other words, a pair, two pair, or trips. (A starting hand of high cards can be included in this category because of its good chance of quickly becoming a high pair.) Obviously I am lumping together a wide range of hands, but the commonality of these hands is not in their absolute strengths; it's in their vulnerability to straights, flushes, and higher-ranking pair hands.
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