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The Physical World

Opportunities to count in cyberspace are few, but time at e-casinos can be used to practice for play in real casinos. One thing to work on is adding up card totals. This is easy when it is the sole activity, but harder when you are monitoring ratios of tens and aces to small cards and looking cool. Calculating hand totals needs to be effortless even when you are distracted. You need to reserve brain power for counting, hand strategy, and catching that neglected piece of the edge known as dealer errors. One exercise is to put a piece of Post-It note on the computer screen obscuring the hand totals for player and dealer, and thus forcing you to add the numbers yourself. Complicate this further by keeping a count. A variation is to tally total action in your head rather than on a clicker. It isn't counting, but it still practices the two trains of thought that go on at once - adding hands, and keeping a running count. You might also watch for dealer payoff errors, even though there are none in cyberspace.

Write It All Down!
By this point, you should understand why organizing a tournament is ~ much more involved than organizing a normal live game. Whether you are planning on holding a tournament to conclude a regular session or as a separate special event, it pays to put the terms of the tournament in writing beforehand. This is not nerdy; it is smart and easy. Trying to construct a tournament on the fly with a table full of experts is a great way to waste thirty minutes of your poker time.
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