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Putting It All Together

(Remember, they like to see you betting big. It is hell on variance, but bet bigger when you can and grind it out when you're behind.) Then their server crashes and breaks the spell. Fine, we've shown them enough action today to look like a gambler. A cashout now would give a profit of $150. Not bad for less than two hours total work right? Not exactly, we're still earning basically just the bonus, at the rate of a little over $20 an hour. Here's why. By playing in this style (that is, betting enough to look like a gambler), we always risk having a losing session. The $150 win could just as easily have been a loss. So today's win has to carry the losses tomorrow and the day after. There are plenty of places where we invested hours of time, only to walk away with no bonus and a little less than we paid in. Spend hours failing to collect a bonus a couple times in a row, and you'll think this is a really stupid pursuit. The May an casino is now basically played out.we'll wait a few days, play some more limited amounts, basically becoming a normal looking statistic that gets lost among all the others. But the goal from now on is not to make a show, but to keep variance low and protect what we have.

Cashout Maya for a $200 win with $3,000 in action, which is six times the deposit.

Playing the High
In Omaha-8, a flushed board means you can count on someone having the flush-often the nut flush, since suited aces are commonly played before the flop, Straights occur much more frequently, especially low straights. Low and middle sets get beaten all the time, and paired boards yield full houses much more often than W Texas. The biggest mistake that new players make in Ornaha-8 is to overvalue made hands and draws after the flop. They will bet and raise with hands that are strong now but unlikely to remain so, and they will call to draw to hands that are short of the nuts when they should fold. You will make the most profits when they play their mediocre hands to the showdown or make their second-best hands at the same time you make the nuts. Remember, the split action in Omaha-8 often produces multiple raisers. This gives players who have the nuts one way or the other the opportunity to re-raise each other, pulling careless callers along for the ride. Don't be one of these callers. The prospect of capped raises makes playing second-best hands-or draws to second-best hands-disastrously expensive.
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