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Rebates On Losses

Some web casinos offer to refund 10 percent of losses, but any wins are paid normally. These offers are mathematically great, and pragmatically pretty good. The advantage would be a whopping 10 percent if it were possible to cash out after every hand. Ideally, on a $100 bet, the player either wins a C-note, or loses and immediately collects a 10 percent rebate. In other words, $90 is risked for a win of $100, which is a bet to die for. Imagine if, in a 1,000-hand session, a casino refunded 10 percent on every losing hand! That will not happen, so expect to be allowed one rebate per promotion period. These rebates on losses are good for quick hits, but note that the value declines with more action. In the long run, expected online blackjack games losses are 0.5 percent of all your bets. So eventually, the worth of the rebate will be 10 percent of 0.5 percent, effectively reducing the house advantage to 0.45 percent. The way to play these promotions then is to reduce play. One advantage of this kind of offer is that there may be less scrutiny of your action. Since they already have you beat at cashout time, the 10 percent they promised isn't so bad.

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But an equally good case can be made to simply call and see what the flop brings: If you hit the flop with top set and then make a full house, you may win a huge pot. You have no suits and no low poker cards, so if the flop is unfriendly, you can depart cheaply. If you've already played the poker hand, replay it now and see what happens if you merely call. Winning the entire pot by making both the best high poker hand and the best low poker hand - scooping the pot - is your goal. Short of that, your poker hand at showdown should be either the best low or the best high, since you're guaranteed at least half the pot.
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