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Record Keeping

I should mention that We also once got $500 credited twice. Return it? Only if they notice. We are dealing with offshore computer banks trying to ventilate your pocketwebsite, and like love and war, there is no quarter asked or given in gambling. Advantage players capitalize on mistakes the same way boxers do - immediately and as expected. Save kindness and fairplay for flesh and blood humans capable of reciprocating.

Now you see what drudgery the record keeping is? It craves distraction through ranting tangents about ethics under capitalism.

To explain what records to keep, we'll just go through an example of a play log and describe each item. People with websitekeeping experience may come up with a better format and medium, but the following shows what information needs to be included.

Tight and Aggressive Starting Strategy
In fact, it is wrong even to think of tournament decisions in terms of expected value per se. The reason is illustrated best by considering draws:
- In live poker, playing draws is a long-term proposition, because the big pots you take once in a while exceed the sum of your frequent smaller losses from missing. And missing on one draw doesn't affect your prospects of making money in the future. Whether you hit your draws sooner or later, the net result is the same.
- Within a particular tournament, on the other hand, there is no long term, because if you miss just once, you could be eliminated, or so low on chips that coming back is impossible. In this way, missing a draw in a tournament can have a disproportionately negative effect on your monetary results.
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