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Reducing Credit Card

There are several ways to reduce credit card transaction fees. Cyber-casinos treat transactions either as merchandise or as cash advances. The former kind pay the credit card fees; the latter kind stick you with cash advance charges, which are considerable. It is easy to accumulate $100-plus in cash advance charges per month. It is not practical to avoid places with such charges, because they do not inform the player. You find out about them when the monthly credit card statement arrives. A few banks offer credit cards with no fees for cash advances, so keep your eye out for them. One, Wachovia bank at 800-241-7990, has begun blocking gambling transactions "due to various state legal restrictions," but buy-ins go through anyway at places unfamiliar to them.

Another way of reducing incidental costs is to play only at the beginning of a statement period. That way deposits get credited back before the interest meter starts ticking. This is a fine practice for people testing the waters, but later on it will have the opportunity cost of no earnings during much of the month. Usually the edge is more than enough to handle these mickey-mouse expenses. Many e-casinos are also slow as a matter of policy, and their credits will end up on next month's bill anyway.

Planning a Tournament
The planning and execution of a tournament are a lot tougher than they are for a regular live game. You have lots of options for creating a tournament to your liking, but all the elements of a tournament's structure must be in harmony to produce a quality event. Those elements are the following:
1. The game
2. The buy-in
3. The tournament valuations of chips and the initial chip allocation for players
4. The blinds and/or antes in force for each level
5. The time duration of each level
6. The maximum number of re-buys allowed per player, the latest level at which they are available, and the cost and chip amounts of re-buys
7. The distribution of prize money to place centages of the net revenue from entrance winners, as fees and re-buys
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