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Reliability Of Play Reports

The review lists are also useful for what they do not include. Many cyber-casinos skip key questions about licensing, owner-ship, contact numbers, etc. While portals do usually shy away from the most egregious rip-off artists, players are not protected from any of the lesser sleaze techniques. Some sites are serious about making reliability a selling point, but delivering it in a meaningful way (such as providing the names of the crooks) is rare, par-ticularly at the bigger operations. There are also sites that do not see reliability as an asset and will fill computer screens with misleading information. They serve as carnival shills who direct cus-tomers to some places while smearing others.

The Buy-In
The buy-in amount is a completely independent variable that will determine the stakes of the tournament. Most players are comfortable with a tournament buy-in that is the same order of magnitude as the typical buy-in for your normal live game. For example, if the group usually plays $1-$2 fixed-limit, $40 is a good baseline for your tournament buy-in. You could make it less if you plan on running more than one tournament during the evening or more for stand-alone tournaments. In any case, the revenue from the buy-ins is the main source of the money that will be awarded to place-winners.
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