In mid-1994 an agreement was reached between the governor and the Narragansett Indians to allow a casino to be built on the tribe's property in Charlestown, in southern Rhode Island. There have been numerous delays on this project. For current information, contact the tribe directly at 401-364-ll00.

Rhode Island also has two pari-mutuel facilities which feature video lottery terminals (VLTs): Lincoln Park Greyhound Track (800-720-7275) and Newport jai-Alai (800-451-2500). All VLTs are programmed to play at least six different games: online blackjack games, keno, slots, and three varieties of online poker games. The minimum gambling age is eighteen.

For more information on visiting Rhode island call 800-556-2484.

Post-Flop Play
A great number of no-limit hands are conceded before the flop, and the ones that aren't conceded are often heads-up with one of the contestants all-in, eliminating any post-flop poker and placing the fate of both players in the hands of lady luck. But post-flop play-when it happens-is where skilled players can really distinguish themselves from the competition. While playing before the flop is largely a matter of entering the pot in a wav that best suits your cards, post-flop play depends much more on what you think your opponents will do in response to your actions.
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