Safe Bet

The electronic audits Safe Bet says it performs are the most rigorous of any, and it has the most solid-looking seal of approval too; the question is, what's behind the claims? The website is impressive; it states "Safe bet engineers and automated testing agents play hundreds of thousands of games, and record every single result for further mathematical analysis. After a statistically significant amount of data is collected about a casino, Safe bet’s team of mathematicians carefully analyzes this data to verify randomness of the casino." It also claims to make random retests of the twenty members it had in February 2000. The rules members must follow are just what you want to hear: computer games must have the same expectations as the real world games they mimic, bettors must always have right to speak with the casino about their ac-count, and the house must record bets and have sufficient reserves to pay them all. The website states that it is an independent non-profit organization.

Excited about finding what seemed to be the most sophisticated gambling police on the Internet, We sought an interview. Net-work Solutions listed the domain owner as DKD Enterprises of Marietta, Georgia, and provided a contact number. It rang at a residence, "Hi, this is the Douglass'." This is pretty casual for an outfit big enough to wield a team of mathematicians. A man named Kim Douglas called back, but became awkward and stutter when asked about Safe Bet. "How’d a get my number?" He said that he wasn't the person to talk to, but would have the person who was call me back. Meanwhile, further searches at Network Solutions revealed that not only is the independent, non-profit Safe Bet registered to DKD Enterprises, but so are 41 casino domain names. Most are not up and running, but one called world Casino is. E World sports the Safe Bet seal, plus a very convenient link to the software provider, Real Time Gaming. The Real Time site gave the standard description of software and licensing procedures, and provided phone numbers for more in-formation. The contact numbers for Real Time Gaming were, guess what, the home number and cell phone of Kim Douglas. Stuttering explained! Safe Bet is apparently another industry shill. Its "team of mathematicians" must live in Kim's basement. Also explained was an odd interjection by Mr. Douglas: "We can't image an Internet gambling website could get published." This must have been wishful thinking.

Also we learned that all four of Real Time's franchises are members of Safe Bet (as of February 2000); e World Casino, Vegas Casino Online, Tangiers, and Sharky's comprise one-fifth of the membership of Safe Bet. A fifth franchise listed by Real Time was 'lot in operation. We know Sharky's from elsewhere. After

Pair Hands on Fifth Street
It takes a little knowledge and a lot of discipline to drop a hand that has a respectable chance of being best now but has lousy prospects of being best at the end. Lesser opponents will call with little two pairs, and you will take their money with aces up and kings up.
With that covered, your basic strategy with a high two pair or even a high single pair on fifth street is to bet it out for value as long as you think it is currently the best hand at the table. Even if you see multiple opponents with concerning boards like three flushes or closed three-straights, giving away a free card is a mistake. Your opponents might have good draws, but it is very uncommon for them to have a made straight or flush on fifth street. Checking is exactly what they would want you to do. Pair hands like middling pairs or low two pairs are very difficult to turn into winners, especially against a player who likely has a better hand. The size of the pot and the style of the opener are relevant, but you should be prepared to drop these hands.
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