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Shift Bosses

All casinos run on a twenty-four-hour basis in Nevada, and these hours are divided into three eight-hour shifts. They’re commonly called day, swing, and graveyard, and the vary, though a day shift usually lasts from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M , the swing from 4 P.M. to midnight, and the graveyard midnight from to 8 A.M.
Since even a casino manager must sleep at times, there shift boss for each eight-hour shift. These men are directly sponsible to and under the control of the casino manager, they have full responsibility for the action going on during eight hours of their supervision. In addition, if there's a stantial jackpot at the slots, or the keno games has a winner several thousand dollars, it's their responsibility to make tain that the payoff is correct and that the win was legiti

The Tournament Valuations of Chips and the Initial Allocation
This is one area where many new tournament planners needlessly make things difficult for themselves and their players. First of all, chips in a tournament have no direct monetary value, so there is absolutely no need to try to make the initial chip allocation correspond to the buy-in dollar for dollar. In the poker shows you see on TV, tournament chips frequently have dollar values assigned based on initial buy-ins, but this is nothing more than a bit of showmanship to enhance the drama of the event. (The references to bets of tens or hundreds of thousands of "dollars" serve as constant reminders to observers of the lavish amounts of money in play.) You should express your tournament chip values in terms of dimensionless units, not dollars. It gives you more flexibility to make your chips work for you, and it also allows you to play tournaments for any stakes without having to alter your tournament structure.
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