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Successful Casino Gambling

1. Bankroll. 11,stablish a formal bankroll that is separate from your other personal financial accounts. It is not to be relied on to pay personal bills or any no gambling-related expenses. If the worst happens and .the bankroll goes, then life will proceed normally in other areas. This is one of the most important (and most frequently violated) rules of successful play.

2. Practice. Before risking money in a casino, become familiar with your games or games by first reading and practicing at home. Become proficient and confident with your chosen play strategies prior to live-action play.

3. Take frequent breaks. Remember, the longer you expose yourself to the casino environment, the more susceptible you become to their mind ploys. You're only human and can withstand ' just so much. Generally, ' individual playing sessions should be limited to ninety- minutes, no more than two hours, and daily playing limits should be established at four hours. A nice long break between playing sessions (outside the casino) is essential.

4. Play only at peak efficiency. This means rested, feeling well, feeling confident, and in a positive state of mind. Avoid playing when you feel ill, negative, dull, or tired.

Straight/Flush Draw
- An example of an outside straight/flush draw, that is, a draw to a straight and a flush simultaneously, would be J 1l T 1l in the hole with a flop of Q il 9 • 61l . Notice that you can have a draw to a straight and a flush without having a draw to a straight flush. A draw to a straight flush is nice to have, but it doesn't really change the way you play the hand since you only have two outs to it at the most.
- The odds of completing these draws, either outside or inside, by the end of the hand are basically even: about 1: 1. Those are great odds, and you can frequently bet these hands for value.
- But you are still playing nothing more than a straight draw and a flush draw at the same time, and they can be weak individually. You must keep tabs on your drawing prospects, else you'll be one of those guys who shakes his head after the end of a hand and says "Look at what I flopped!" as someone else stacks your chips.
There are two circumstances that can add to the winning odds of a drawing hand enough to make a difference on how You play it.
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