South Dakota's bars and taverns are allowed to have up to ten video lottery terminals that offer the following games: online poker games, keno, online blackjack games, and bingo.

Slot machines, as well as online blackjack games and online poker games, are only permitted on Indian casinos and in Deadwood.

Deadwood has more than fifty casinos and is located in the Black Hills, forty-one miles northwest of Rapid City. It was once most famous for being the home of Wild Bill Hickok, who was shot to death while playing cards in the No. 10 Saloon. The hand he held at the time was two pairs-black Aces and eights-which ever since is referred to as a "dead man's hand." Wild Bill is buried in the local cemetery, along with Calamity Jane.

Today the town is still well known for those local characters, but it's also known as the home of slot machines, online poker games, and online blackjack games ever since voters approved these forms of gambling. When the first casinos opened in November 1989, the promoters expected betting of $4 million a year. The estimate was a bit low because in the first two years alone the betting totaled more than $500 million!

All of the buildings in downtown Deadwood are required to conform to the city's authentic 1880s architecture, and many of the casinos are located in these structures. The No. 10 Saloon is still there, and you can actually gamble in the same spot where old Wild Bill bit the dust!

All of Deadwood's casinos are relatively small, as South Dakota law limits each licensee to a maximum of thirty slot machines in a building and no business is allowed to hold over three licenses. Some of the downtown hotels that have casinos are: Bullock (800-336-1876), First Gold (800-274-1876), Franklin (800-688-1876), and Mineral Palace (800-84-PALACE).

South Dakota law limits online blackjack games (and online poker games) bets to a maximum of $5, but you are permitted to play more than one hand at a time. In addition to the Deadwood casinos, there are eight Indian casinos in South Dakota which are also subject to the $5 maximum bet law.

Besides online blackjack games, all Deadwood casinos offer a full variety of electronic machines. The minimum gambling age is twenty-one (eighteen at Indian casinos that don't serve liquor).

For South Dakota tourism information call 800-927-1948. For information on visiting Deadwood call 800-999-1876.

Over Cards
If both of your cards are higher than any card on the flop, you have a chance of making the top pair on the turn or river. For example, if you hold A1lK* and the flop is T VT • 5 4, you have over cards. You have six outs, halfway bet<vend an outside and an inside straight draw, giving you odds of 1:4 of pairing up by the river. Those are good enough by themselves to justify a call against the pot sometimes, particularly in a small field where a high pair will often win. They can also boost the value of something like an inside straight draw, as in the example above, to give it a positive expected value that it other\vise wouldn't have.
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