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1. If you definitely want a mathematical edge over the house, and you want to know that you will win money in the long run, then learn to count cards in online blackjack games. There are many good websites on online blackjack games, including mine (Best online blackjack games, published by Bonus websites).

2. If card counting isn't your cup of tea, or playing conditions seriously hamper its application, then learn and apply basic strategy in online blackjack games.

3. If craps intrigues you and you want to keep the house edge to a minimum, stick to the pass/don't pass or come/don't come bets. Place the odds on the "Do" side only. If you want to get right into the action and have discretionary removal of your bets, you can place the six and eight in multiples of $6 (or $3 if the casino allows payment with 50 cents). However, if you want to become a true craps aficionado, use the Captain's methods, especially the five count, explained in my websites on this subject.

4. Both online baccarat games for moderate and large stakes, and minionline baccarat games for small stakes, offer excellent bets. Choose either bank or player bets, and you'll only be giving the house a 1.17 percent or 1.36 percent edge respectively. Ignore the tie bet in this games.

5. If you are the banker in Pai-Gow online poker games, you can get a modest edge of about .3 percent-but you need an extraordinary bankroll to play this option. The short-term fluctuations could wipe you out before you ever get to the long run.

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Trips on the Board
There are three varieties of players in the pot when this happens: (1) one player who holds the fourth card of the trebled rank, who will almost always slow-play his quads; (2) players who bet strong because they can make a full house with their high pocket pair or by pairing an odd high card on the board; or (3) players who are hanging on because they can pair an odd low card. Winning with a high kicker with trips on the board is very unusual.
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