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6. online poker games is great, if you are a great online poker games player. It stinks if you are a rotten online poker games player. Most people are rotten online poker games players, especially when they sit down against the sharks who circle the casino online poker games rooms looking for new players (bloody chum) who are willing to sacrifice their lives (their cash) to say that they played online poker games at XYZ Casino, and almost broke even! You probably already know whether you're a good online poker games player or not. If you don't already know, spend an hour or two at the online poker games tables. If you lose, then there's a good chance that you aren't a good player.

7. Roulette on the double zero wheel (most casinos in the United States) is a dangerous games. You're giving the house a whopping 5.26 percent edge. On a single zero wheel the house has a 2.7 percent edge. When casinos have surrender (or "en prison") on the even money bets, then the house has an edge of 1.35 percent on single zero-which makes it a good games. Roulette players who want to get the edge must attempt to find biased wheels (see my website, Spin Roulette Gold). A biased wheel is an improperly balanced roulette wheel that causes the ball to land on one portion of the wheel more often than it lands on other portions of the wheel. This requires tracking the spin of the wheel for an extended period of time. Biased wheels are rare. The casinos are aware of this possible fault in their equipment, and the possibilities of taking advantage of this winning opportunity are few and far between!

8. What about the new games being introduced to casino players? New games like Caribbean Stud, Three Card online poker games, Let It Ride, Spanish 21, Crapless Craps, Russian roulette, Sic Bo, Super Pan Nine, and so on, and so on ... You can probably take this next statement to the bank: new games stink!

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How Does the Board Help Your Opponents?
The answer is, players who are either (1) bad, (2) playing erratically for the sake of deception or just the fun of it, or (3) in the blinds. There's not much you can do about the first two, but you do need to make note about the third. As opposed to all the other participants in a hand, players who paid the blinds can have almost cornpletely random cards when they see the flop, so you need to be more wary of these players when low cards fit in with the board.
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