Not one of these games is a good bet. Many of them are fun to play, until you count up your losses. In gambling, new is rarely better. When in doubt, forget the new games. They are being introduced to lure players away from the better games, or the better betting options in some games, such as the line bets in craps.

No casino executive in his right mind would bring in a new games that players can beat, although mistakes have occurred. A new games will be introduced, or a special option will be included in an existing games, and the word goes out on the gambling grapevine that "Casino X" is offering a beatable games. In the flash of a fax, crowds of "advantage players" will descend on the casino and games.

games that last and become popular (among the uninformed) are games that could not be exploited by expert players, and you should know that such games will have house edges that range from 2 percent to 40 percent or more! New games stink. Memorize that.

9. A cat may have nine lives but a sports bettor better have many more if he hopes to make any money. Generally speaking, the best handicappers don't bet all of the games, and the very best concentrate on one or two sports.

If you think you have the knack, but you have never really tried to bet on sporting events, why not do a season of mental bets. Pretend that you are betting X amount on the games, record your wins and losses each week, deduct the cost of making the wagers, and see what happens. If you find that you have a winning year, then make small but real bets. After two years, if you are still confident that you have the knack to pick winners, then begin some serious playing.

But like all forms of gambling, sports betting requires that you have enough capital to sustain a long losing streak. Before the season begins, be it football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, badminton, or horseshoes, be sure that you have enough to bet on every games. This assures you that even if you were to lose every sin bet, you will have made it (bloody but unbowed!) through the season!

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The Board Help Your Opponents
When you turn this fact around, you can use it as a bluffing weapon when you are in the little or big blind. If the flop is such that only low-ranking cards would be helped by it, an opening bet frond volt will often take the pot right then and there. Your opponents, who probably hold high cards and aren't helped by the flop, are aware of your potential to hold those little rags and might not want to bother to keep you honest.
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