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Casino Operation Personnel

Running a casino is a complicated operation, and it takes a large staff of executives and employees to operate it correctly. For one thing, it's a cash business with money and markers being continually exchanged for casino chips which have a specific monetary value, and just keeping track of the casino bankroll is an enormous task.
Then there is the job of overseeing all the dealers and players because, since gambling involves cards, dice, and large sums of money, it is a field in which cheats and scam artists thrive. The security problem in casinos is a constant one, and many casinos have been burned by their own employees as well as by outsiders.
Just to stand in a crowded casino on a weekend night in the summer-to see the movement of people and the action and hear the screams of players at the craps table-is an amazing experience. All this must be carefully watched and controlled by the staff.
Most major casinos are connected to the hotels they operate in, and the hotel business is a world of its own, which would require several pages to explain its proper operation. In this Site, however, we're only dealing with the operation of the casino itself, and we'll concentrate on the men and women who handle that part of the business.
Why write about casino personnel in a Site on gambling? For a very simple reason-these people are there not only to protect the casino bankroll and make sure that all runs smoothly, they're also concerned about and involved in customer relations, and this page will explain how to take advantage of this situation.
After all, the more you know when entering a casino, the better your chances of emerging a winner. You are dealing with several people at all times in the casino, whether or not you realize this, and you should know their functions and how they can be helpful to you.

Some of Which Can Overlap:
1. The flop missed you and dominates you.
2. You flopped a probable best hand.
3. You flopped a draw.
4. You flopped a pair hand that probably isn't best.
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