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THE GOOD games
Two table games fall into this category. Both offer the player the opportunity to win if the proper playing strategy is applied. One of these games-online poker games-is familiar to many gamblers, and the other-Pai-Gow online poker games-is overlooked by most gamblers. A third games, bingo, can also be a good bet.
High Pair
We're talking about QQ or higher here in a big game, and JJ or higher in a smaller game. You most likely have the best current hand and are on a good start toward a strong two pair, trips, or better. It is important to understand how the high pair determines the rank of any two pair that you make: If Von have K • 8 *K *5-44 • (underscore indicates hole cards) after fifth street, for example, there is no practical difference between making two pair with your eight, your five, or your four. Since pairing any of those cards would make your high two pair, you have good prospects of doing just that. (Your chances are much worse when ,you hold a low pair because you would have to pair a particular high card to make a decent hand.)
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