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The House Database

The beauty of matchplays is that the edge is large enough to sustain plenty of play. The bonus hustler may take a bath one session, but will walk away with $2,000 the next. The money will come back. The 0.5 percent house edge over basic strategy online blackjack games players takes a long time to eat away at a $200 bonus, precisely $40,000 in action. Most civilian gamblers will not rack up anywhere near that much action, and fortunately for the house, few know basic strategy. Knowledgeable players who bet several multiples of the deposit cannot be distinguished from the desirable customers by the volume of action. For an establishment to thwart advantage players, they would have to set play requirements so high that they would alienate their most valued clientele.

Your willingness to accept sizeable losses on occasion has a wonderful dividend - they'll do anything to get you back. The largest bonuses are not for new customers; they are for the losing regulars. Ironically, several places where I lost substantial sums turned out to be the biggest payers in the long run because they kept sending offers large enough to make a guy late for a snuggle with his honey. It is impossible to know which places have aggressive promotions for continuing players unless someone tells you, which is another reason to provide a large handle. The best strategy at this type of e-casino is to take the long view. Rather than making cover wagers just barely enough to be tolerated, the point is to get invited back. The records for each deposit cycle should be in one spot so you can easily see your history of play and what it suggests to the pit boss.

Later Streets
The only factor that really changes on sixth street is that four scary board cards, such as four-suited or four to a straight, are much more ominous than their three-card progenitors on fifth street. With four cards to a made hand showing, chances are fairly good that a player has the big hand or will make it on the river. (A four flush is always seam-, but a broken sequence with the missing rank burned is much less threatening.) These boards will cause you to slow down with a hand like a high two pair, whereas you would continue to bet if your opponent drew a blank on sixth street. You should expect a -bet from a player with four scary board cards. Even if he doesn't have the hand, a semi-bluff is almost mandatory. The size of the pot and the chance of the player missing on the river are usually enough to justify calling the whole way down.
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