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The House Dick

Exchange of information between e-casinos is most efficient when they are under the same roof, so be alert for sister sites. Single companies often have multiple cyber-casinos where nothing is different except the name and graphics. All the account information and processing are in one spot. Knowing which e-casinos are sister sites can be useful information. If one casino is reliable, so are its sisters. In my experience, sister casinos generally tolerate collection of bonuses from linked websites; just be aware that they will have more examples at hand of how you play them. Even when sites do not have common ownership, they still share with others the credit card processor, software provider, and often accounting and technical support. On the following page are a handful of linked sites.

Don't jeopardize careful play at most e-casinos with high-risk behavior at others. Things like using different credit cards to hit the same place is quickly spotted. Another pitfall is in the referral awards. Marketing departments usually reward people for sending them more players, and some hustlers specialize in trading referrals. The problem with this is that your name becomes associated with another person, and he may not be discreet. As this website demonstrates, working the cyber-river takes knowledge and finesse, something few of the referral hustlers have.

Your credit card not only becomes linked to whomever you trade referrals with, but also to that person's other partners, and their partners, ad infinitum. You can be tracked down like the county health board works a syphilis outbreak. Consider trading referrals only with someone who has proven himself solid in another context. Never take on random Internet contacts. The one time I engaged in casual bets with a stranger, it was with a lump-head who wagered red, black, and zeros at roulette, a clumsy and obvious method. He sent multiple referrals to the same places and encouraged them to cash out instantly after qualifying. Months later, the e-casino blacklisted me and every account linked to him. The pig never reciprocated any referral fees, either. He went by the Internet handle of "Nemo." If you trade referrals, there is no reason to keep hitting the same place. Move around; it reduces the picture any one opponent has of you.

The Flop Missed You and Dominates You
In other words, the flop didn't match any of your cards, didn't give you a valid draw, and contains cards that are higher than yours. No matter how tantalizing the promise of your starting cards, fold on any bet. You will slowly bleed chips if you succumb to the temptation to call "just one more" little bet on the flop to see the turn card without a good reason.
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