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The previous section concentrated on common-sense ways of not being obvious. It is also useful to take note of what resources the e-casino detectives have for screening risk. Website operators gather information internally from their software, subscribe to credit card screening services, and share information amongst themselves.

Security precautions begin as soon as a customer submits a credit card number. Besides the obvious check to see if the card is current and not reported stolen, merchants routinely use AVS (Address Verification System). AVS provides real-time confirmation that the address supplied is the same that the credit card bills go to. E-casinos will not send winnings anywhere else. AVS cannot be used for addresses outside the United States. Merchants also watch for a variety of risk factors associated with undesireable accounts, the first being the size of the purchase. According to industry consultant Christine Bednar, the first buy-in from a new customer tends to be smaller because he feels unsure about online gambling.' A large amount on the first use is one risk factor included in an analysis. Bednar encourages cyber-casinos to use "velocity controls;" that is, to use their computers to watch for unusual patterns in buy-ins and to set maximum purchase limits. It is very common for e-casinos to have different daily or monthly limits - a low one for most accounts and a higher one for VIPs who have established themselves at the e-casino and faxed copies of identification. Another risk factor is an e-mail address from one of the free, anonymous services like Hotmail.com. Internet merchants can consult a list of free mail domains at <www.antifraud.com/redflag.htm>. There are automated systems that will rank all the risk factors apparent in a given transaction and recommend whether it should be rejected. Considerations include the IP address, time of day, and billing and email addresses. Cybersource IVS is one such service. The difficulty merchants have with quick, real-time credit card screenings is that they do not want any delays that might dissuade a buyer, so credit checks are, perforce, superficial.

You Flopped a Probable Best Hand
This will put you at least in the "pair hand" category from chapter 8 and mad)e in the "made" and "locked" region. You have a positive expected value against both the pot and against current bets (probably), so your basic strategy is to bet/raise.
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