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The House Dick

Casino software packages always include what is referred to as the back office; that is, various accounting and management tools. Operators use them to find out how much money they made that day, and for marketing purposes such as sending free $100 to the twenty biggest losers of the day. Ease and sophistication of reports is an area of competition between turnkey providers, but not all franchisees make good use of them. A software designer from Innoco told me that most cyber-casino buyers lack background in the gambling industry, and the only statistic they are interested in is the daily win.

Several of the software companies list the reports available in their website sales literature, though there is nothing scintillating about it. Chartwell calls its back office "CyberBoss" and says managers will "enjoy the complete control and extensive statistics" it offers, including: "Top winners per games, top loser per games, games statistic, total amount won/lost, total hands played, detailed report of hands bet/won/lost per hand played and "blacklisted client reports."

Another provider, Gold play, lets clients "Create blacklists to filter out customers from specific addresses or certain credit cards. Manage promotional balances of customers. With promotional money, customers must wager it at least once before they can withdraw."

Around the Turn ...
Basic strategy on the turn is straightforward, and depends mostly on the basic category of your hand. For the most part, you will either be "in the lead" with a strong pair hand or better on a draw to a straight or flush. If you are tagging along with a pair below the top pair, you are also f essentially on a draw.
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