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The House Dick

This automating of bonuses is great because it means that no cover play is necessary, at least beyond whatever threshold the program sets. Although automated bonuses have less supervision,
supposedly, they probably still have some. Recall that Golden Palace has some method of flagging accounts for human inspection. An implication of this is that below a certain amount, many e-casinos pay no attention and all our cover betting is for naught. Unfortunately, we do not know the setting of their radar. To know if a bonus is automatic, take note of whether matchplay credits appear automatically after the deposit, or require e-mail to a human operator.

Online Gaming Systems advertises that it provides 21 different reports, including:

* Activity Report (shows overall player account activity)
* Activity Deposit Report (shows all deposits for particular day or days)
* games Summary Report (shows the net win of each games)
* online blackjack games Report (shows all of the games outcomes for online blackjack games) [all other games too]
* Adjustment Report (shows all account adjustments for all players or a specific player)
* Cash Out Report (shows all of the cash outs in the casino)
* Player Balance Report (shows the current balance of all players)
* Player Ledger Report (shows the action and balance of a specific player)
*Activity Analysis (shows information about player logins, gives financial analysis and net win information)

And to the River!
Unlike in Stud, the river card in Hold'em is an open card, which solidifies the basis of your decisions. But once all the cards are out, all high only games are essentially identical: strategy and tactics centered on the availability of additional cards disappear, and river play is reduced to betting and calling based on achieved hand strengths and bluffing. The only aspect of river play I will repeat here is that You will usually call a single bet on the river in fixed-limit Hold'em with a hand of any strength.
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