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The House Dick

The above reports are more interesting for what they leave out. The clever advantage player can think of a number of other statistics that would be very useful in evaluating play, although many owners do not make full use of even the limited number-crunching available to them.

The smarter operators, however, can get whatever they want out of the database. It is all there in raw form: every login, video online poker games play, and online blackjack games insurance decision. A Micro gaming programmer told me that they consider the variety and usefulness of their reports to be one of their major selling points. Even more interesting, Microgaming will write custom data-gathering routines. If the numbers are in the database and the client can imagine what is needed and how it is arranged, they can write the program. Microgaming customer Golden Palace, in particular, seems inventive in the promotions it uses the data for. It should be assumed that any other software brand can also add custom reports, this being what computers and programmers do best.

Around the Turn ...
The bets are the big amount now, but most players who call on the flop are going to stick around until they see the river card. The mathematics of fixed-limit poker give most players on viable draws enough pot odds to stay till the end, regardless of the betting. That's why you'll commonly hear players who call after the flop say "see you l at the river"; those players are saying that their decision to see the river card is already made, and for good mathematical reason.
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