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The House Dick

Consider the information at the disposal of the pit boss in evaluating a cyber-customer. At a minimum, he easily knows the total amount wagered and at which games, the number of bets (which is a guide to length of play) and the size and duration of the deposit. He can also thumb through hand-by-hand to see how the gambler played the cards and ranged the bets, which gives a sense of whether the player is reckless or cautious. He likes to see dramatic swings -players who almost bust, then bounce back for a big win are still welcome, because the pit boss knows it will go the other way next time. The persona of a player is thus represented by a collection of numbers on a screen; there is no physical presence or photograph with which to size him up. These numbers are the paint with which the e-casino builds a picture of a customer, and by keeping aware of these numbers, an advantage player can manipulate perceptions.

Make regular use of cheap forms of cover. The following is speculation, because I have limited knowledge of the report formats available to webmasters, but it makes sense.

Final Betting
A final warning on playing draws: be alert for other players who look like they may be drawing to the nut low. As previously mentioned, it is not uncommon for multiple players to have A-2 and A3 in the hole. Pre-flop raisers are especially likely to have these holdings, as well as killer hands like A-2-3-X. If you are on a pure draw with A-2 or A-3 and it looks like you are up against other low players, don't rule out folding if there is aggressive raising; you might be paying to draw to a losing or tying hand.
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