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If an auditor wants to answer questions that have no convenient reports - such as, does the punter flat-bet like a disciplined advantage player or hop around on hunches - he will have to dig into the raw data. If the bettor has been at it for awhile, there will be streams of numbers to sift through. When looking at that volume of data, the first numbers seen from the beginning of a session will provide the first impressions. It makes sense to act more like a gambler early in a session when the first records are made. Make bigger bets - stay high after wins, go down on losses, but start out strong. It also makes sense to try several games. Software sales brochures regularly mention that their reports are broken down by games, so token play on a bunch of them can communicate a fun-loving image. The first glance will suggest a player who likes lots of games, and that is good. The fewer careful observers out there will notice that the customer is really a online blackjack games player who dabbles in other things, but there's nothing suspicious about that.

Internal database reports are useful, but they do little against the problem online casinos are most exercised about: credit card chargebacks. Because the cardholder is not present to sign a slip, Internet sales are considered high risk, and banks will not shoulder the cost of customers who contest credit card charges. people can contest the charges on any number of grounds and the banks will back them. The merchant loses not only the We, but is fined $15 per chargeback, above a certain grace number. Internet businesses without careful screening are said to lose as much as 50 percent of sales revenue, with chargebacks being the loss-leader.' This problem is purported to have almost destroyed the early telephone pornography, psychic hotline, and 900-number industries before extensive use was made of negative databases. It is no wonder, then, that web casinos regularly have desperate warnings to people not to rip them off.

Multi-Table Tournaments
In addition to chips, tables, chairs, music, and refreshments, make sure you have the following items at the tournament location:
At least two new decks of cards (of different colors), cut cards, and a dealer button for each table. Also throw in a few decks of replacement cards.
2. A countdown timer.
3. A printed list of your pre-registered players, with room at the bottom for walk-ins. Make columns to check off 'buy-in payments and re-buys.
4. A copy of the tournament structure and your standing rules. v A pen and a calculator (for figuring prize money).
5. Optional: A laptop computer, perhaps with a feed to a TV PowerPoint can display the current level and blinds, and you can download timers that everyone will be able to see on the screen. While we're on the subject, there are programs and websites available to help you run big tournaments.
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