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Reneging on gambling debts is not a good way to make money off the Internet because web casinos eagerly exchange such information, therefore it can only be done once. It also lacks the elegance of using their own greedy marketing methods against them. Nonetheless, it is worth looking at the negative databases they use against chargebacks, because they can also be used against classier methods, like playing the bonuses.

When credit cards are checked with the bank, the merchant learns little more than whether the number is good. The Visas and MasterCards do not reveal whether there is a history of chargebacks by a consumer. Therefore the online industry has to create or buy independent negative databases. A cooperative free service that arose out of this need was Signature Credit Card Fraud, which claims forty participants. Members exchange credit card numbers, e-mail addresses, and other data from bad customers. One active participant is turnkey provider Tropika International. Vice President David Prue says, "Generally, when somebody's conducting that kind of activity, they do it so blatantly that it stands out on an exception report and/or they've done the same thing at twenty other casinos. We generally catch them but not always."3

A Parting Shot on Omaha-8
From a purely statistical basis, the gap between the best Omaha-8 starting hands and the worst ones is not nearly as great as it is in Hold'em . Starting hand criteria in O,naha-8 are based less cm absolute hand strength than on avoiding traps into losing draws. It is chasing these losing draws, not calling with bad starters, that costs Omaha-8 players the most money. If you have a (rood understanding of the strengths and vulnerabilities of hands after the flop and you have the discipline to drop draws that you know are unwise, seeing the flop for one low bet can be a great value with a lot more hands than standard guidance allows you to call with.
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