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Of particular interest is that Riptide's IGC database is being built to track the activities of the same individuals at multiple sites. A risk management database called Citadel provides names of suspects to watch, while an auditing system called Integrity can evaluate the transactions suspects make at different web casinos. This suggests that the Riptide security system will be tightly interwoven with member databases. This information appears in the context of an article about money laundering.6 An executive of eSuccess, a Riptide subsidiary, states that these components will make it easier to follow transactions at multiple betting sites and see, for example, ". . . if a person was betting both sides of a sporting event, which can be a sign of money laundering." (This technique can also be a legitimate system called arbitrage, which exploits small differences in the line at different sports websites.) Obviously, Riptide could be adapted to watch for bonus hustlers. If they can get information detailed enough to see which teams a person bet on, then they can certainly find out about deposits, withdrawals, and how much betting went on in between.

Based on the description of the Riptide blacklist, players should assume that any information they give to any e-casino. including passwords, can be funnelled to the central database in Vancouver, British Columbia. Certainly, they have the technical capacity to circulate this information throughout the industry, as well as worldwide. Surveillance by Big Brother comes with the territory for bonus hustlers. We really cannot expect much else. For the rest of the gambling public, this is a malignant invasion of privacy by lawless, international corporate entities.

Missed Blinds and Dead Button
When a player is absent from his seat, he will have cards dealt to his position and all required blinds will be posted from his stack. If the player is still absent when he is obligated to act-including an option to raise-his hand is folded. If the player is absent when it is his turn to deal, the player to the immediate right substitutes as the dealer and the blind rotation continues undisturbed.
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