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The New Gambling
Notice a pattern? The new laws keep exempting the already established gambling interests. The legality of betting by wire with domestic tracks and casinos is actually getting established under our noses, riding in on the backs of the same laws that forbid connecting to a foreign server. Offsite betting is growing, and it is going to be by computer in many states. With gambling so widely accepted, including on the Internet, any prohibition campaign against offshore e-casinos will lack a moral element. What will be left in many states is just self-interested lobbying by .native companies to keep out foreign trade. Gambling protectionism will lack evangelical fervor and popular interest, which would be essential to a comprehensive attack on betting by home computer. Rather than a national approach, expect state-by-state permissiveness and restriction. This patchwork of laws and fiefdoms will be up against the cyberspace entity that knows no borders.

As of now, casual bettors are not being touched by Washington or the states. This could change, but mountains would have to be moved to do it, and that would be seen from a long way off. Anything can happen, but for right now, gambling from your den is one of the safer ways to do it. With time, it will become clearer how aggressive state police will be in going after casual bettors. The laws are changing rapidly, however, so to be current, players need to check on their own state's situation.
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The Point of Example
The point of these examples is to illustrate the methodology of using your opponents' actions and the information available in the visible cards to narrow down the possibilities of hands that they hold. Armed with that knowledge, you will make more informed decisions during the hand than opponents who don't make the same effort. If you put in some solid time playing poker against opponents who understand basic strategy and use it, you will be amazed how quickly you can learn to read hands. Could you be wrong? Sure. Your opponents could be playing erratically or deliberately misleading you, which brings up the other side of this coin.
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