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The New Gambling
Although legally sound, targeting the ISPs would require political will. With countless new ISPs going online every year, it would require a substantial federal bureaucracy to keep them in formed of which sites to block, and then make sure they did it. Currently, the government does not have the apparatus to closely monitor the oceans of Internet data. Establishing a cyber-censorship bureau would likely provoke vigorous protests on civil liberties grounds. If such an effort was mounted, it would make e-gambling much less accessible. The more secretive e-casinos might be safe, but as soon as they advertise for customers they would be known.

Another way to choke off betting under Kyl would be to go after not the ISPs, but the banks and transaction houses that process credit cards. By one estimate, ninety percent of Internet bets are on plastic. It is guesstimated that cutting them off would dissuade half the US market. There are far fewer charge account processors than ISPs, and many are American, making them vulnerable. This approach also avoids the civil liberties concerns about blocking access to websites.

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Write It All Down!
All that is required is a short document that summarizes all the determinations you've made for the tournament. You can email the document to the group to announce the tournament, and ,,on can save the format to fill in for future tournaments. Most importantly, you must print it out and have it on hand at the event. Table 14.1 shows how I would document the sample tournament we developed in this chapter.
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