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The New Gambling
Judging from the political climate and the way it words its laws, the federal government is not the level at which a serious attack on Internet gambling would occur. The US Department of Justice does not want to prosecute cyber-gamblers or the sports bettors that have been at it for decades. Kyl's attacks on ISPs and financial outfits demonstrate Uncle Sam's continuing policy of closing the gambling houses, but letting the players run out the back door. If the average player has anything to fear, it is more likely from the states.

Internet gambling analyst Sebastian Sinclair of Christian Cummings Associates says federal legislation "might be irrelevant at this point.... It is up to the states to determine what is legal."11

A number of states have shown hostility to Internet gambling, or at least to competition with their $17 billion in lottery and casino taxes.12 Online gambling challenges both state revenues and the politically powerful casinos and racetracks. These odd bedfellows have helped make prohibition of gambling in cyberspace the hot topic that it is in state governments. Statehouse lawyers have been notably eager. The National Association of Attorney Generals formed a subcommittee to find the best ways to keep cyberspace at bay.13
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No-Limit Tournament Strategy
The first thing that must be said about tournament strategy is that you can't win without some good luck. Correct play can put you in situations where you have a lot of your chips in the pot-maybe all of them, in fact-with roughly a 1-in-2 shot at winning the hand. It doesn't take many misses in these situations to knock out of the tournament. But you can maximize your chance of taking money away from a tournament by playing with a degree of audacity and precision that transcends that of fixed-limit poker. In fact, strategies for the two types of poker are completely different. As always, there is no formula for success. But the basics I provide here should equip you to outperform most of your home game opponents.
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