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The New Gambling
Due to the nature of the Internet, stopping gambling will be a challenge for any institution. If you believe the websiteies, the markets where Internet gambling is most popular are Hawaii and Utah, which prohibit all gambling.14 Since websites are accessible to the entire world, it is hard to demonstrate that an e-casino is targeting a particular state's residents. An Internet casino could be allowed to set up in one state, and of course it would then be accessible to people in another state, but that does not necessarily prove intent to accept prohibited bets. State's attorney generals who have examined the problem admit that there is no "bright line rule," or clear demarcation between what's acceptable and what isn't. States would be limited in their authority to go after ISPs and financial institutions. Only the federal government can regulate interstate commerce, and these companies' electronic communications cross state lines. Theoretically, a state could forbid its citizens from gambling, but it could not interfere with electronic information crossing its borders to legal jurisdictions.

It would be even harder to go after gambling servers based overseas. States cannot extradite persons outside the country because the constitution allows only Washington to do that." Local governments would have to get federal cooperation on this, but extradition for gambling offenses is not high on the agenda of' American foreign relations. The US does not have extradition treaties with all countries, and such actions are understood to be done only for high-profile, serious crimes. State extradition of overseas operators would be well-nigh impossible.
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Multi-Table Tournaments
The most common setting for a home tournament is with a single table of players. But if you have a big list of willing participants, can get access to a large room and a few poker tables, and are up for the challenge, you can try having a special multi-table tournament. Intrepid communities of poker players can make this a regular monthly or quarterly social event. You will never have a more rewarding home poker experience than you will at a big tournament like this. Just realize that you are going to be responsible for an elaborate evolution that will make you either a hero or a villain among your friends for a prolonged period of time. Running a multi-table tournament is exponentially harder than running a single table. You would be fully employed even if you weren't playing; with more than three tables, it would be almost impossible for a player to fill the role of manager/referee adequately.
The key to success is to have as many issues settled as early as you can. Set the tournament date well in advance and ask players to pre-register. You need an estimate of the number of players for your planning.
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