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The New Gambling
Because the Internet is naturally porous, and since states cannot touch e-casinos outside their borders, they will be left with only one handy perpetrator: the player. This would be scary if anti-gambling sentiment got as furious as the war on drugs. (Imagine Cops on TV with a SWAT team battering down the doors of computer nerds: "Take your hands off the keyboard....") The national trend has been to leave the punters alone, and states will face the same pressures as the federal government.
Even if more states pass solid statutes banning Internet play, they still face a series of practical problems unique to the Internet. For starters, how do they tell betting bytes from all the others in cyberspace? It does not appear to be technically feasible to identify many gamblers by tapping into the ISPs, even if police attained such Big Brother authority. Information traveling the Internet is broken into little electronic packets. '6 These packets travel individually over the most efficient path, which can change in mid-communication. One chunk of your bet may travel through Atlanta, another through San Francisco, then get reassembled at the destination. Picking gambling bytes out of the ocean of Internet traffic and then making sense of them is a wiretappers worst nightmare. Currently, states lack the computer crime units to even think about it. Even if they did have them, e-casinos can add encryption to their programs and distribute it to customers with the rest of the software.

The Interactive Gaming Council, an industry group, believes gambling data can easily be made secure; "even without using encryption, a user can remain nearly faceless."17
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And to the River
I pointed out the differences between river bets and other bets in chapter 8, and I will refer you back to that text for a discussion of playing the river in Hold'em. I don't mean to dismiss the subject, but there isn't much about playing the river in Hold'em that is different than playing it in any other high-only poker game. Unlike in Stud, the river card in Hold'em is an open card, which solidifies the basis of your decisions. But once all the cards are out, all high only games are essentially identical: strategy and tactics centered on the availability of additional cards disappear, and river play is reduced to betting and calling based on achieved hand strengths and bluffing. The only aspect of river play I will repeat here is that You will usually call a single bet on the river in fixed-limit Hold'em with a hand of any strength.
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