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The New Gambling
Law enforcement might conceivably select residences to tap rather than the ISPs, but which ones? With most crimes, there are known suspects to follow and buildings to watch. Police establish the existence of an illegal websiteie first, by observation, then build a case for a wiretap warrant. Computer play, however, gives no such convenient clues. To tap a phone or computer line they need probable cause, but they cannot easily get cause without a tap. Wiretapping is also expensive to conduct, around $70,000 for each tap, and supposedly limited to serious crimes." If they do manage to get a warrant to listen to your modem, you won't see them lurking m the bushes fiddling with the phone line. Phone companies are required by law to facilitate taps from a central location, assuming the warrant is good.

The authorities could possibly gather evidence for a warrant from informants inside your house (the kids!), or even set up a web casino sting. In the current atmosphere, no such draconian measures over misdemeanor gambling have been taken. Attitudes towards games of chance are in a tolerant swing these days, with all the state lotteries and casinos on land, ship, and riverboat popping up from the Redwood Forests to the Gulf Stream waters and from California to the New York island. Effective prohibition of Internet gambling would have to target the average Joes putting at the computer. That would require criminalizing a whole new class of people, and no government likes to turn so many citizens into rebels overnight. It erodes proper respect for the authorities.
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After the Flop
The flop instantly transforms the speculative potential of your starting hand into an actual holding-rags, a pair hand, a pot draw, a betting draw, a made hand, or a lock-that has a corresponding basic strategy. The strength of your hand now has nothing to do with how strong it may have been before the flop. Players who are strong after the flop are usually going to bet until the showdown, and players who call bets after the flop to play their draws are almost always mathematically bound to check and call until they see the rive'- card.
The first thing you should notice on a flop is the rank of the highest card: it defines the "top" pair. (You can't be sure that anyone has paired the top card, but even in a smaller game, it's safe to make that assumption until the betting indicates otherwise.) I won't go into the multitude of specific circumstances in which you could find yourself after the flop, but I can break those possibilities into four general situations.
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