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The New Gambling
While it remains to be seen how aggressively they will enforce them, a number of states have passed laws against Internet gambling.

Here is a rundown: Louisiana law fines bettors $500 and e-casinos $20,000; California provides for $100 fines for casual bettors; Illinois prohibits both betting and websiteing, as does Texas; South Dakota forbids taking bets, but the law is less clear about bettors, it also exempts the state licensed lottery and casinos; Michigan forbids wagers to leave the state on the internet, but allows electronic betting at established casinos, lottery, and bingo halls. It is a misdemeanor in Nevada to bet via the Internet at sites not licensed in the state, but the Gaming Control Board allows licensed websites to take bets by closed-loop computer networks or direct dial modem connections. The Board has the authority to allow true Internet bets from outside the state and may do so as federal law gets clarified, but bets flowing out of the state will remain restricted. Tennessee at press time had introduced laws banning placing or taking bets. Several states' attorney generals have issued interpretations of old laws, which they say give authority to prohibit virtual gambling. These states include Florida, Indiana, California, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico and Minnesota. 19
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The Board Help Your Opponents
Most of your opponents, if they are competent, will have starting hand criteria similar to yours. You can use this assumption to make guesses about how likely it is that your opponents hold cards that fit in with the board. For example, when the board makes a high straight possible, chances are greater that an opponent will actually have that straight than when the board makes a low straight possible. V'hy? Because your opponents-like you-are much more likely to call before the flop with high cards than low ones. If the only way an opponent can make a straight is with something like 63,Jvou need to ask yourself what kind of player would pay a bet to play rags like 63.
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