Table games

In addition to the table games analyzed in other pages of this ' website, there are other games that are available to gamblers, many of which have been around for decades. Some of these enjoy less widespread popularity, and are only offered by the larger casinos. Others are so disadvantageous to the players that they shouldn't be played at all!

Variations of the most popular games (online blackjack games, craps, etc.) occur from time to time. These modifications in the rules are initiated by the casinos as promotional programs designed to draw additional players, or to encourage players into making wagers that improve the casino's profit margin.
Unfortunately, the average player seldom has the opportunity to take advantage of short-term promotions that truly benefit him, because gaming experts soon learn of these favorable rule changes, and quickly notify their subscribers through E-mail or fax transmission that an excellent gambling opportunity is available. Within days, sometimes hours, the casino offering the promotion is deluged with knowledgeable gamblers, the casino loses lots of money, and the promotion is quickly discontinued.

Other gaming variations and "side bets" remain because the casino profits more from these options than it does from the built-in edge offered in the basic games. For instance, there's a online blackjack games option that encourages players to make a "side bet" that their first two cards will be either over or under thirteen points. It's a simple bet, but the house edge is-ouch!-6.5 percent and 10 percent, respectively. Other variations of online blackjack games, such as Double Exposure online blackjack games, and multiple-deck Spanish 21, also offer a better edge to the casino. The casino games of craps has also spawned variations, such as Never-Ever Craps, or Crapless Craps, where the potential payback for the player is not as good as the regular games.

On the other hand, some casinos in highly competitive markets have made changes in the games of craps that now allow players to dramatically increase the odds bet on a pass line or come bet, up to one hundred times odds, thus allowing players to get a lot of money on the table at a very low cost.
With this in mind, let's take a look at some of the other table games available. The games are ranked on the basis of your chances of winning, based on playing with the best strategy if it is possible to do so-which is not always the case. As you will learn, these games are good, bad, or ugly!

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Beware of Tunnel Vision
A common mistake made by many players-even experienced ones-is to develop "tunnel vision" throughout the hand, based on what they hold. In other words, the only thing many players tend to see in ~a board is how it fits in with their hand, especially if they are on some kind of draw. As a result, these players not only miss possibilities for other players' hands but tend to telegraph whether dealt cards help them. Skilled Hold'em players detach themselves from their hand before an-,, cards are dealt to the board, and-after looking at everyone else's reactions-look at those cards with total objectivity. For example, if these players are on a flush draw and hit it, they font overlook the fact that the same card paired the board and possibly improved someone else's hand above theirs. Such players are much less likely to be surprised by what their opponents show them at the end of the hand.
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